Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sewing desk organizer

I love gadgets!  And I have more than my share.  I am always on the look out for ways to better organize those gadgets and came up with this:
IMG_0017It starts as a small milk crate type basket that I got at the dollar store:

IMG_0015I do wish they’d had it in a different color….  Everything you see laying around on the desk came out of the organizer.

IMG_0024I think this basket is about 7” square and about 6” deep.  I made it with pockets inside and out.  On one set of the outside pockets, I added elastic as I wasn’t sure what I would be putting in all the pockets:

IMG_0025IMG_0026These pictures show the organizer from opposite angles.  I used ribbons in the corners to secure the flap sides.  I did not stitch the corners down as you would when making one of those can organizers because there is a small lip on the edge of the basket and I just felt the ribbon closures would allow the outside flaps to hang more smoothly. 

I am considering making another one of these as I already have the basket and I think I’d like to put deeper, narrower pockets that would hold a few different gadgets…  I also like that this has the deep space inside for tossing in a pincushion, pieces of fabric of whatever I need to toss in there….  Oh, and yes, I do use the toothbrush in the cleaning of my machine.  I find it does a great job of getting all the lint out of the feed dogs and for dusting around knobs and such on the machine.


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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

That is VERY clever!! - ;))