Friday, January 24, 2014

No sewing

I’ve not been doing much sewing at all.  After the holidays, I really felt the need to get some quilting done.  I have two quilts quilted and waiting for their binding and one on the frame that I will get done today and then I’ll get all three bound and sent off.

I did take 2 days to do some rearranging in the sewing & quilting rooms.   As you all know, I love thrift stores and have my favorites.  I stopped into one of my favorites and ended up coming home with a cabinet that I think was meant to be a wardrobe of some sort.  6’ high, 4’ wide and 20” deep.  Inside a shelf across the top about 20” down then the bottom  was divided in two with one side having 3 shelves and the other side having a hanging bar.  So the sewing room went from this:

IMG_0001Note: I had already started packing some stuff up…  To this:

IMG_0003My cutting table was in the corner before and had rounded ends.  I had hubby just square the ends off and now it sits flush with the wall and I can work on the 3 sides.  It also is on wheels so I can easily pull it out to utilize the full length of the table which I think is close to 4’.  I kept my peg board and even my ruler rack where it was as I still have room to squeeze into that corner.  I had my DH cut about 9” from the top of the book shelf and moved it into the quilting room:

IMG_0005The filing cabinet holds fabric, too.  Usually 10” to fat quarters and is a mess Smile  I had a short shelf where this one is now sitting and because I really wanted to keep it, I moved it to the other side of the room:

IMG_0006It sits in the corner now and still gives me enough room to scoot around to the back side of the frame.  That’s my design wall with my sheets storage chest underneath.  The black you see is one of those plastic drawer units that I keep a variety of stuff in.  I have my tools for the quilter as well as my circular knitting needles.  I have patterns that I plan to sew up within the next few months (okay, it’s my dream and I’m sticking to it…) in another drawer…  Under the frame I also have large totes of fabric, yarn and other miscellaneous..

So that was my big project last week.  It was nice to get some organization.  I told my daughter that I like having the doors on the cabinet because now I can do what the kids used to do – shove it all in, slam the doors and say “done”  Smile   No, I wouldn’t really do that, but it is nice that the smaller storage containers are now nicely put away..

Next time I hope to have a few pictures of completed quilts to show…


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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

I like your new cabinet!! It seems to really lighten and brighten your space!! And I agree that sometimes it's nice to be able to shove it all in, slam the doors and say "done" - my cabinets hide a ton of stuff that would clutter up my space if I left it all out - ;))