Monday, January 13, 2014


That’s the number of this blog post!  I started my blog in October 2010 and I still haven’t reached 300 posts!  I haven’t done much work in my sewing room – simply haven’t had the inclination or much time, for that matter.  I’m getting ready to put the repaired quilt on the frame and do some very simple stitch-in-the-ditch type quilting to simply secure all the layers.  When I took on this repair job, I didn’t really take the time to look closely at the fabrics.  I knew it was a variety of different types of fabric but I didn’t realize how delicate some of them are.  And maybe I should be saying ‘fragile’ instead of delicate…  I took several hours yesterday to do the hand repair work and I discovered that most of the damage to the quilt is where the squares were sewn together and then stitched over to secure to the top of the bedspread.  I will need to be vigilant in trying to avoid stitching over any previous spots.  I’m thinking I will do some very randomly placed stitching where the quilt is more stable.  This is my job for today and hope to be able to deliver the quilt back to it’s owner tomorrow.

I have a few quilts that were sent to me for quilting for QFC that I need to get done and sent off.  I also have to finish up Tiffani’s quilt before her birthday at the end of the month.  Also for her birthday, I bought an old ‘train’ case at the thrift store and tore the lining and everything out of the inside of it.  I’m going to reline it and repurpose it for Tiffani to put her Barbie princess dolls in.  I’m thinking I will make simple doll sleeping bags for her to put the individual dolls in.  Do I really think that’s how it’ll work out?  Not really, but who knows??? If nothing else, she will have a refurbished overnight case for when she comes to visit Grandma!

I don’t know what it is about January and getting focused.  I have so many different things I’d like to do on top of the things I feel committed to do.  I start on one thing then side track (yes, big surprise, huh?!) to something else.  I find myself starting new projects that I have no business doing until I finish up some of my other things.  I know, I know… one can never have too many projects.. But for me it’s a case of organization.  The more projects I have going or started, the bigger mess my sewing room is and then I don’t have any desire to work in there!  So maybe I need to get some of my obligations out of the way and clean the sewing room, kit up all the ‘projects’ and move on!  Okay, SELF, good luck with that one Smile

Hope everyone has a great Monday…



A Left-Handed Quilter said...

GOOD LUCK!! - Every once in a while - I TRY to get myself organized. It always sounds good in my head - but it rarely works. I like to make lists - but then I forget to look at them - so when you figure it out - PLEASE let me know - ;))

Deb Lindley said...

My 3 words for this year are finish, Finish, FINISH! Like you, Miss Katie, I have sooo many UFO's started/going on right now makes my head want to SPIN like a top!! I've decided to do SOMETHING everyday towards my final goal of organization by April 1, 2014 - what a great date, huh? And it won't just be for fools this year, either - I'm committed!

But me thinks you might be a tad too hard on yourself, since you seem to get sooo much done in a 12 month span of time ;-)

Happy 2014!