Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Quite the title to start a blog post, huh?  I couldn’t come up with some ‘catchy’ title, because really, this post might not be that interesting but something I wanted to say.

Yahoo groups – do you belong to any?  just a couple? a lot?  and I’m curious – what draws you in to the group?  The reason I’m asking is, first – I think at one time I belonged to about 20 groups.  Discovered that I was just deleting most of the email notifications without even looking, so cleaned up my groups.  Still belonged to about 5 (I know – lot of ‘clean up’), this morning I cleaned up some more and now I am down to 3 – one being QFC which I help moderate Smile  okay.. so  second – because I help moderate the QFC (Quilters for Comfort – see tabs across the top), we have people who are listed as ‘members’ of our group and I’m sure that many of them have joined for some reason or another and no longer bother to read the posts.  I have to admit here I feel the same way about my blog – I’d rather have 5 who I know care enough or maybe I should say interested enough to read, than many who just follow because of a give-away (something I’ve never done!) and never come back.  Oh well, enough of that.

On a personal note, I have 2 more quilts to get quilted than it’s the binding and getting sent out – hope I have them done and in the mail by Friday afternoon!

My granddaughter, Kari (now 18!) informed me yesterday that she picked out her dress pattern for prom.  Last I’d heard, she was thinking of NOT going.  Prom is March 23rd and that does not leave me much time to get this dress done.  I’m off with my son & his family for our annual trek to Disneyland Mar. 15 – 19.  So…. Kari & I have a date for Sunday to go prom dress fabric shopping and hope this dress isn’t too complicated.  She chose a strapless dress – not something I’m too excited about.  She’s quite ‘chesty’ and I’m thinking she’ll end up being uncomfortable once it’s done – but what do I know?!

Katie who some day may actually post pictures of something interesting Smile


A Left-Handed Quilter said...

I read your blog every day. I may not comment - but I DO read it - and I like it when you just talk about "stuff" - so please keep talking - ;))

No - I don't belong to any Yahoo groups - mostly because I never bothered to take the time to figure out how to join one - ;))

And I agree with you - I would rather have 5 regular readers than thousands who like give-aways. I especially like readers who explore the pages - previous topics - previous projects - not just the stuff I wrote today - ;))

You and Kari should have s great time and make great memories when you two make her prom dress - we definitely want photos of that!! - ;))

Deb Lindley said...

LOL - I'm still laughing at the 'chesty' comment, my DGD would kill me if I wrote/said that in public, even if it were true! I'm sure the dress will be gorgeous and you'll both love it when it's finished - and since you are sewing it you can always add a few extra inches to the upper 'chesty' part of the top to ensure everything is nicely covered ;-)

I noticed many of the actors were wearing strapless dresses at the Oscars this year so, must be the latest trend - those dresses were so elegant!

Have FUN shopping and sewing and don't forge to post those pics!