Friday, December 14, 2012

Oh, Dear!

No, it isn’t Christmas yet…. but I think I’m getting closer to it.

IMG_1806IMG_1807My very messy sewing space!  I had to actually take a little time to straighten it out some.  When it got to the point I couldn’t find pieces of what I was working on, I knew I had to do something!  As soon as I finish with my Christmas projects, I will take the time to put things away as I should (or close to it)

IMG_1802This is some of the dump bags that were donated to the Elk’s VA Christmas party.  With some help from the QFC ladies, I believe we donated 20 of these bags along with 7 quilts.  We were also able to donate 107 Christmas stockings a  variety of stocking stuffers for the Children’s Christmas party.  I still have cupcakes to make for that before Sunday……

IMG_1803I made these fabric Christmas cards for my G-kids.  They are done the same way as a fabric post card –but a bit larger.  The designs are from Pixies Rule.  Not sure, but I do hope their mom saves their cards each year.  I’d like to think that sometime in the future, the cards will mean something to my G-kids……

IMG_1805I could not believe the size of this box for this one little doll!  I guess they ran out of smaller boxes – look at all that packing material!  Just glad I didn’t have to pay for shipping by the size of the box!  I am currently in the process of making the doll clothes for the pictured doll.  It is a Dollie & Me doll – sort of like the American Girl dolls that are so popular.  Outfits can be bought for the child that also has the same to match her doll.  My granddaughter will be 3 the end of January, and I had thought about a baby doll with a wardrobe to go with.  Then I talked to her mom about one of these ‘girl’ dolls instead and mom agreed.  They don’t have babies in their family or any of their friends so my GD simply doesn’t see interaction with babies.  I think she will relate more to a doll more like her – but what do I know…. it’s been a long time since I played with dolls – and my girls weren’t really ‘into’ dolls….. 

So there is my update for now.  DH is off deer hunting so this gives me plenty of time to finish up the sewing I want to do, get the house cleaned and grocery shopping done in time for Christmas. 

Hope all is taking time to enjoy the Holiday season.  I attended a play last evening at one of the local churches titled “Bethlehem Night”  it was so very well done and I really enjoyed it.  I hope you all have time to take in listening to a choir at maybe a local mall, attending a church production or simply enjoying the sounds of the season – Now, I think I’ll put on some music and go to my sewing room.


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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

I LOVE your sewing space - wall to wall stuff and containers for stuff!! Enjoy your sewing time - and your music. For me - it's not officially Christmas until I hear Jose Feliciano sing "Feliz Navidad" - ;))