Saturday, December 22, 2012

I’ll consider it DONE!

My Christmas shopping and projects are DONE!!!  Well, for now Smile  As the next couple days go by, I may have to putter a little in the sewing room……  But if I don’t, nothing lost.  I will spend the next few days doing some baking and taking goodies to share with friends.  Getting as much pre-Christmas dinner cooking done as I can and of course get the house Christmas ready so that within minutes there will be chaos…. but at least the bathrooms will be clean!

Here is a sampling of my projects:


These are little mug rugs I made to go with the glass mugs I etched and filled with candies.

IMG_1808I was hoping the etching would be a bit more ‘frosty’ but I think the kids will like them.  I wanted to do Christmas theme for these as it’s my hope that it’s a gift that brings them joy for many Christmases to come.

IMG_1813IMG_1815IMG_1816IMG_1817IMG_1819A sampling of some of the doll clothes.  I had to make a Snow White dress as she’s my granddaughter’s favorite Disney Princess.  Come to find out, my son went to the Disney store and got her a Snow White dress too.  So…. my granddaughter will have at least two matching outfits:

IMG_1818It’s going to be a pink camo Christmas as I also got each of my grandkids their own sleeping bags and, you guessed it, Tiffani’s is pink camo Smile

I didn’t do much Christmas decorating this year – just wasn’t in the mood.  But here’s what it looks like:

IMG_1821IMG_1822Yes, complete with my own reindeer!  Okay, actually it’s an elk!  My hubby is a hunter and this elk made the record books.  I would much prefer it was displayed in his shop but….. 

So there you have it…. Christmas at Katie’s.  I hope you all enjoy a very Merry Christmas.


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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

What wonderful stuff! After I oohed and aahhed over the mug rugs I thought - You ETCHED mugs?!?! WOW!

Then the doll clothes - too cute! Snow White's dress is definitely going to be a HIT - and the pink camo is adorable! The elk makes a perfect reindeer for a perfect Christmas at Grandma's house - ;))

Merry Christmas!! - ;))