Sunday, December 2, 2012

How was your week?

My week has felt fractured… I try to live a relatively routined life.  Start the day here, then get this or that done.  Once I have all my necessary stuff done, I feel comfortable moving on to what I want to do….  I had some dump bags I needed to finish up. (when I find my camera, I will post picutes!)  The dump bags will be donated to my local Elk’s lodge for distribution at the Tucson VA hospital Christmas party.  I figured it would take me,. maybe, a day to get them all (14) completed.  3 days later finally done!!!

I make my G-kids and certain family members fabric Christmas cards.  Here’s pics from previous years:

While I was working on the dump bags, I did some machine embroidery to start assembling my cards for this year.  I think I need to start labeling my photos so I remember who got what design so as not to repeat that design in future years Smile

Christmas shopping… No I did not go to any stores.  By getting some shopping done on-line, I was able to save on shipping charges and in some cases, taxes.  I live in a rural community and it’s a minimum of a 25 mile drive to any major shopping.  And then I’m paying state, county & city tax on my purchases.  In most cases, unless there is a brick & mortar store in your state, you won’t pay taxes on on-line purchases.  If there is a store in your state, you will pay only the state tax – sometimes those savings really add up!  I made a couple orders that I received free shipping on AND I didn’t pay any tax – that more than made up for fuel costs had I traveled for in-store shopping!!!  AND, I’ve retained my sanity!

So, I’m getting side tracked (again!) my week was ‘fractured’ because it seemed like every time I thought I would be able to work on a project, I was interrupted.  The phone ringing, the door bell ringing, company stopping by – it was just one of those weeks…  Overall, it was a good week and I did get some things accomplished, so not really complaining (well not much anyway)  but I do find that the older I get, the more routine I am and I get out of sync when it doesn’t go according to plan…

Okay, enough for now…  I will try to find my camera and get some pictures of my finishes – maybe even some starts.  My poor house is in serious need of cleaning, but because I do some major cleaning when I decorate for Christmas, I’m just giving it a touch here and there…  Maybe Kari will come help next week  Smile

Wishing you all a peaceful week,


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