Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Memories

As I have sat and read some blogs, I notice many of them are showing pictures of items they put out each Christmas.  Things that have been crafted in years past as well as new items.  Seeing and reading about these got me to thinking about my own Christmases.  I , naturally, have many fond memories of Christmases with my children and/or grandchildren.  But my fondest memory has to be of my dad.  He loved Christmas!!!   He was the one who would do all the gift wrapping.  He would set up the card table in his and mom’s bedroom, turn on his Christmas music and got to town wrapping gifts.  He would always make a big to do with decorating the tree.  But one year….. we had one of those silver trees that had seen better days and I guess maybe my mom had decided it was time to go back to green …. But dad had to do something with that silver tree.  So while he was getting all the lights up outside, setting up his lighted Nativity and other characters, he was struck with inspiration.  I don’t remember what he set that tree on as dad was not the ‘handyman’ type, but somehow he elevated that tree up on something and set up the color wheel on it.  He could still see his silver tree from the kitchen window and I think it made him very happy.  That was the last time the silver tree was ever used.  Every time I think of Christmas, I think of my dad and how much the season meant to him (he was very much a man of strong faith!)  It is my hope that many years from now, my kids can remember to Christmases past and have some happy, fond memories.

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