Friday, January 13, 2012

one more to go

Getting 'er done!  I have one more quilt to get quilted from the stack I had, then I will become the 'binding queen'.  I did take some time to sew all the binding strips, but I will still need to press and fold the binding before actually binding the quilts.  I'm hoping I'll get the last quilt quilted today, along with getting all the binding completely ready to attach to the quilts.  Because I had so many quilts to get done, I wasn't real creative with my quilting.  They were mostly done with simple meander free motion.  I will do all the binding on the machine, I rarely hand bind......  So.... I'm seriously hoping to have this stack of quilts completed by Monday afternoon.  I would say by the end of the weekend but my Saturday will be spent in Tucson.  My 8 yr old grandson is playing his first flag football game and I wouldn't miss it for the world.  After that will be a little celebration for the start of the 'season', then hubby and I will get what shopping we need to do, done.  Living rural and with the price of gas ever climbing, we try to limit the number of trips we take.
Wishing all a very productive weekend and if you live where the weather has turned snowy, please stay safe.


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Linda said...

Good luck with the bindings! I love to get to that stage, but I do hand stitch my binding on (usually while watching tv in the evening with my husband). Enjoy being with your grandkids!