Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dump bags, etc....

These are dump bags that I will be making throughout the year.  Every December the local Elk's Lodge visits the VA hospital in Tucson and gives a Christmas party with gifts.  The ladies over on Quilters for Comfort will be helping me.  Several have come on board and will make a few each month and send to me in Dec. for donation to the VA Christmas party.  I'm hoping to have close to 200 to donate, but I appreciate whatever is sent. The quilts behind the bags are waiting for their bindings.  I've got several more to quilt, and will work on those and then spend a day (or two) binding.
I have started trying (note I said 'trying') to get my sewing room organized.  Just straightening it out a bit makes me feel better.  I did remove all the fabric from the shelves today and put them in a little better order.  Several months ago, I went through my scrap bin and actually threw away the really small pieces.  Now I'm thinking I need to get into the scrap bin and cut some strips and get some strip blocks done.  I love scrap quilts and I really like string block quilts, I just don't like sitting and sewing all those strips....... oh well, a little at a time and eventually I'll have enough to actually create something.


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