Thursday, December 1, 2011

no time to quilt

December 1st already!  I have  24 days to finish up all I want to do - but those days will not be 24 hour days, I have to have my beauty sleep (trust me, I do) have to do the cooking, cleaning, laundry - you know, all that stuff that interferes with life.  Still have a couple more G-son's ball games to attend and I wouldn't miss those for the world!  And of course a few other projects that I was dumb enough to get myself involved in such as making a float for an Electric Light Parade! So, with all the other stuff out of the way, I may average 4 hours a day to sew....that's 96 hours to sew til Christmas.  I like the sound of 96 hours versus 24 days! I sit :-)  and it's okay, because if I don't add to my 'list'.... I'm almost done!
Hope everyone is not stressing but taking the time to enjoy the season.  Remember to take time for yourselves, as well, as I told my son once "sometimes it IS all about ME"


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