Wednesday, December 14, 2011

last Christmas memory

This is last Christmas memory I will share (for this year :-)  ) 
I've explained how special my Nativity is to me, well this memory is related to the Nativity.
My grandson was a little over 2 years old, so this is 6 years ago.  My son & his wife had bought me a new DVD player and my son was 'wiring' it up, so had moved the Nativity to the dining table.  My daughter and daughter-in-law were cleaning up the kitchen after dinner and my grandson took a liking to the Nativity figures.  My son (his dad) kept telling him to leave them alone.  Well, I took this as an opportunity to let my grandson 'play' with the figures.  I put him up on my lap and using the figures, started telling him the 'real' story of Christmas.  In the process of telling the story, my grandson tooted and without skipping a beat, I simply said "you stink" and kept on with the story.  Everyone started laughing and I looked up to see that the whole family had stopped to listen to me tell the Christmas story.  I asked "what are you laughing at?"  My daughter-in-law said, "here we are listening to this beautiful story and "you stink" just flows in".  This started a bit of a tradition of telling the Christmas story every year - but we try to leave out the 'you stink'.
I hope you have many happy memories and that your Christmas will bring you some more special memories.


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