Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Memories

Do you have a special memory/memories during Christmas?  I shared with you in a previous post my Nativity memory.  Oh, I do have so many more that I hold close to heart.  Today as I was putting out some of my Christmas decorations, I thought of some of those memories.  So, I will share another one with you.  But first my favorite picture from Christmas last year.
My Granddaughter's first Christmas!  Her dad (my son) helping her open her gifts.  And didn't he do a great job of picking out her Christmas dress!?
So my story, which just happens to be about my son!  My son is known as somewhat serious.  Oh he likes to have a good time and he laughs a lot, but usually stays to task.  One year, after he was first married and before they had children, I had him and his new wife come and help me decorate the tree.  All of a sudden he just sort of disappeared.  We figured he'd gone to the bathroom... then here he comes..... strutting down the hall with his red union suit (long johns) on, stuffed with a pillow, wearing a Santa hat and doing a very respectable Ho,Ho,Ho.  I laughed til I cried.  The spontaneity of it just tickled me.  I do have pictures, but alas, they are not digital.
I do have one more memory to share, but that will be at a later time.  Until then, I hope you all are enjoying good health and much happiness during this glorious time of year.


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