Monday, September 26, 2011

Spring or Fall??

If I could find the battery charger for camera, I'd actually have some pictures to show (for a change!).  I've managed to get 3 quilts quilted and have some ideas in mind for starting a couple quilts.  Anyway....
I've been reading some blogs and it seems that fall/autumn is starting to show itself in many parts of the U.S.   I'm reading about all the activity and it made me wonder about something..... I'm a fall cleaner.  I want my house all cleaned up before I close it up for the winter for months.  Fortunately, here in AZ there will be days that I'll be able to have the house opened during the winter.  And come spring, I'm ready to get out and dig in the dirt, ride my quad (well, I do that during the winter too!) and just enjoy life.  So how about you?  Do you Spring Clean or Fall Clean or just lucky enough to stay on top of it all during the year? 


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The Quilt Witches said...

Hai katie,

I clean besides the daily cleaning when I see a room is too messy and needs to be clean. So you can call me a monthly cleaner and trough the year my house will be clean everywhere but not in the same time.
We have four ways of cleaning.
1 The French way ( only the floors kitchen and bathroom)
2 The Dutch way (no dusk,clean floors and no messy things around)
3 The German Way ( every things from top to bottom, from corner to corner in house and garden)
4 And the Quilty way is no cleaning at all, maybe my husband will do it. LOL