Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Getting back on board!

This is a little wallhanging or maybe a 'doll' quilt.  I've had all the components for quite a while.  The 'angel' is from an issue of an Australian Patchwork and Quilting magazine.  I rarely do applique and when I do, it is machine applique.  The star blocks are 4" (finished) and the fabrics are seasonal themed.  I made this up for a swap and was glad I was able to use all these for something (finally)!
I am back into the sewing and quilting rooms.  I have 4 quilts quilted and waiting to be trimmed and bound (don't forget the labels!), I have a set of blocks started that I'm going to put with chenille- anxious to get it finished but have other things in the works that have to take priorities!  A lady brought me a couple Christmas panel quilts to quilt for her.  She normally does them by hand around the figures of the panel but was injured in a car accident and unable to do them.  I told her I don't do hand work but would do what I could - the downfall for me...... She's put really puffy batting with these panels - I'm not fond of 'extreme' loft batting, but I'll do my best and hope she's happy (pictures to follow).
Also, I'm the secretary for our local Rotary Club and I've got to get some aprons finished by Saturday for a booth we're holding for our local fall festival (Copper Town Days).... so I am staying busy just not as much as I'd like in the quilting department :-)
Seems to finally be cooling down here in AZ.  Hope you all are enjoying 'fall like' weather.



Linda said...

The little doll quilt/wallhanging is so pretty! I love the colors!
Good luck getting all your projects finished. It feels so good to have the stress behind you!

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Welcome back! Love your wallhanging! That angel is adorable! I wonder how your lady friend with the panels was able to "do them by hand" with that "extreme" loft batting. All I could ever do with that was to "tie" my quilts. I would love to know her secret. And I want to see your aprons - photos, please!!

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Oops! I'm missing an ear... ;))