Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Longer than expected!

I'll start with pictures seeing as how I haven't posted many lately...  This quilt was made by Phyllis L. from PA, quilted by me and donated for a raffle to raise money for Paws for Patriots, which is an organization dedicated to getting service dogs to the troops/veterans who need them.
A little bit of a close up.  I love the print of the squares and I really like the patriotic theme that is not a red, white, blue.  Phyllis did a great job on this quilt and I was honored to be able to quilt it.

This is the "Smart Bag" that I made for my friend.  The 'cuff' folds over to hide the top of the cover.  The entire bag was made of synthetic leather, very soft and could be used without the cover.
the inside of the bag - a lot of pockets.  What I did forget to do was add a snap closure before adding the cuff - but my friend loved the bag and that's all that's important.

The tile work is finished, the rooms put back together and it took so much longer than I expected.  I think DH and I did a nice job and discovered that we really don't work well together after 4 days!  Too much togetherness isn't always a good thing :-) 
I still have neglected my sewing machines and today I hope to rectify that!  While having the kitchen and dining rooms tore up, a friend brought over some curtains and asked if I could get them hemmed.  He's bought a small place in northern AZ to have as a 'summer home' and the curtains must have been put up to refresh the place for sale as they are about 10" too long.  So as long as he didn't need them right away, I told him I would do that for him.
After finishing the tile work, spent an evening with my son and family having a catfish fry.  Time spent with family is always the best!  The following day  I spent with my 16 yr old granddaughter and instead of sewing together, we went out on the ATV and picked Prickly Pears.  Came home and made Prickly Pear jelly.  My family loves this stuff!  Yesterday after getting things truly cleaned up and put back in some sort of order, I had a visit from DIL and g-kids.  They were off for Labor Day and wanted to spend some time with Grandma - I'll take anytime I can get!  Grandson's and I have a date in a couple weeks and we'll go Prickly Pear picking and do some jelly making :-)  That's always a treat, too.
So, I believe that brings me up to date at this point.  Time to get some breakfast and get some curtains hemmed and I have about 9 or 10 quilts that need quilting -  need to work on those as well.  Then..... the Christmas sewing begins!!! I already have a few projects in mind..... so maybe I'm getting my mojo back - I sure hope so!



Linda said...

It sounds like you've been busy!
My granddaddy used to pick the prickly pear fruits and peel them for me so I could eat them. They were delicious! My sister makes the jelly. Good stuff!

Crooked Gulley Art Quilts - Mary Couch said...

Katie... do you have a long arm or are you just extremely talented at free motion??