Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fall in the air

Even here in AZ where Phoenix is still experiencing triple digit temps, it feels like fall.  I don't live in the Phoenix area  (thank goodness!) so we're having high 80's and it's wonderful.  I'm looking at making soup and bread and baking with fresh apples.  This obviously is my favorite time of year and my brain seems to be going 100 different directions.  I think of what I'd like to do in the kitchen - oh, wait! what I'd like to make in fall prints in the sewing room - oh, wait! I saw something that would make a great little stocking stuffer - oh, wait!  wouldn't the G-kids love to make that?!  Okay..... I think you get the idea - I need to get cloned so I can get me out there to get all those things done I'd like to do!  So what to do today?  I think I'll start a pot of soup, I'll make up some bread and I'll go sew something fallish :-) 
Have a great day!


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