Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Plugging away

I used to only sew garments and the occasional toy/doll.  Then I discovered quilting - YeeHA!  So now I rarely sew garments and the last couple of weeks inforces why that is! Why do the pattern companies give you a 5/8" seam allowance then tell you to trim to 1/4"?  What a waste IMO.  I've made jammies and nightgowns and working on the sly to make camo outfits for my men.  It's the sewing on the sly that is getting to me more than anything.  I like to sit down and work at it until it's done or at the very least be able to leave it sitting there until I can get back to it!  Nope, have to put it all away and when I think DH is going to be gone for a while, take it out and work at it.  Then so I don't get 'caught', put it away about when I think he'll be coming back - sheesh, I'll be glad when the camo is done!!!  Only a bit more to do - hummm wonder when he's going to be out and about again........
I'm wanting to join in on RRCB mystery over on Quiltville.  I've never done a mystery before and this one sounds interesting.  I've downloaded and saved all the clues but I knew I couldn't start until I got all my Christmas sewing done.  I may cheat myself a bit and do a few of the clues just to have them ready when Bonnie releases the setting for the clues.  It's the string block and how it will fit into the scheme of things that has me intrigued.
Need to get to my sewing room - still have more Christmas sewing to do.  Of course, if I quit adding to my list of 'want to get done' it wouldn't be so bad :-)  I tend to make more work for myself.  I see something and think " oh (so & so) would like that".  Maybe I just need to stay off the blogs until after Christmas :-)


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