Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Special Date

I was in FL in Sept. when my darling, 4 yr. old DGS called and asked me for a date.  I promised him when I got back to AZ I would love to have a date with him.  Our date finally happened yesterday.  I took him to the Sonoran Desert Museum in Tucson.  This has exhibits of the animals, reptiles and vegetation of the Sonoran desert.  The desert cats were sleeping, which is normal this time of year.  He had a racoon come right up to the screen of it's enclosure - so fun!  I gave him my camera and he loved taking pictures.  I finally got a picture.  I kept telling him to smile big - this is what I got:
He asked me if it was big enough - Yep, think this works.  We followed our trip to the museum with a later lunch.  Of course it had to be a place that served Mac & Cheese followed with an ice cream.  A great day and one I will store in my most precious memories.  Thank You Tiernan for a great Day!
Days spent with grandchildren - Priceless! 

Katie who's hoping everyone has this type of love in their lives.

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