Thursday, December 30, 2010

An honor

I didn't mention in an earlier post that my neighbor gave me a quilting frame.  This wonderful lady is 76 and unfortunately has terminal cancer.  I will certainly miss her when the Lord calls her home.  Anyway....I found out that she used this frame to tie a quilt that her mother had made.  She had promised her mother that she would finish the quilt.  Well, without the binding, the quilt isn't finished.  I offered to bind the quilt and I hadn't even seen it yet - she took me up on my offer to bind the Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt that her mom had pieced.  I will embroider a special label for it and get it bound and returned to her.  I'm so honored that she trusts me with this task. 
As to the frame - it's a beautiful frame and I will be making a quilt to put on it for handquilting.  Now I have to inject here that I have a Tin Lizzy 18 set up and the only thing I ever hand quilted was a placemat!  This will be a learning experience for me but one that I look forward to.  And I know with every stitch I take, I'll think of my wonderful neighbor and I will hope that she will still be around for me to show her the hand quilted quilt.
New Years?!  Really?  So soon?  I guess we can't slow down the calendar.  2010 just simply flew by.  What a busy year it was and 2011 is looking to be just as busy - Praise God, I hope I can keep up.  I do not make resolutions, nor do I set goals.  I live each day and hope for the next.  I know, maybe not the best system to live my life by, but it does work for me. 
I'm off to cut binding strips and work on binding that very special quilt.
Please if you go out to celebrate bringing in the New Year, be safe stay healthy.


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