Wednesday, April 29, 2015

and sew it goes…

I do believe that if I spent all my waking hours for the next 6 months in the sewing room, I would still not get caught up with everything I need or want to do…. but then if I’d stay off Pinterest, maybe I would quit finding things I’d like to try.  Ah such is life with a computer Smile

Decided I needed to use up some scraps (maybe I should say “leftovers”).  I received 3 sets of embroidered squares from Darlene H. from QFC (Quilters for Comfort) and she used Mylar in 2 of those sets.  I decided I would use up some of my left over binding strips and made some 4 patch squares and came up with scrappy ‘filler’ blocks.  Still need to quilt these:

IMG_0025IMG_0026I really love the owl set of designs.  I normally work in sets of 10 but Darlene sent sets of 12 so a little different setting.  I get creative with my own quilts but not so much when they’re comfort quilts.

And in this quilt:

IMG_0028I took some smaller pieces of fabric and cut them into 15” squares and just did stack n whack blocks.  Took some left over 3½” squares and made the embroidered blocks into snowballs.  The border fabric is some that I received when my sister-in-law passed and because it has color that matches some of the embroidery threads as well as the fabrics, I decided this was a good place to use it.  The designs are Winnie the Pooh so lots of color..

Sew…. three quilts ready for quilting and I received two more completed quilt tops in the mail so make it now 5!  I will get them quilted, then on to binding and done!


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