Saturday, June 29, 2013

Eye Candy

I just wanted to share with you some of the quilty stuff I’m receiving from the ladies from QFC (Quilters for Comfort).  Not everyone is able to attend our annual Sew Fest so they generously send embroidered blocks, quilt squares (sometimes called “fillers”) and miscellaneous fabric.  It is so rewarding to spend a week making quilts for our veterans & troops and I’m so proud of these ladies who give so much.  Soooo, on to the pics:

Sew Fest is July 7 – 13.  Be looking for the assembled quilts the week after!  I will be quilting some and others will be sent out to other members for quilting.  These quilts will be donated to an Army hospital in Georgia…



A Left-Handed Quilter said...

GREAT eye-candy!! I will definitely be looking forward to seeing the assembled quilts - ;))

~Deb Lindley said...

As ALWAYS - those QFC ladies do such a magnificent job of piecing/embroidering/assembling!

Hopefully, I'll be ALL caught up and able to help out with some quilting when ya'll get back from SewFest! Finished up my 'big project' last week and most of the wedding details are completed. Just need it to stop raining so I can FINALLY get all my yard work caught up...but I can always piece and quilt while it rains... ;-)

Have FUN at SewFest!

Ale jc said...

Hello Katie...are you not on the hop today???? please let us know...this was your day according to our schedule..

Thearica said...

Hope to see your stamp real soon. :)