Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Swaps, Blog Hops & Linky Parties

Now there is a title for you!  Sometimes as I’m browsing blogs, it’s the title that pulls me in and yet I have a difficult time thinking of something unique. 

Swaps:   Love them or Hate them?  This is a subject I’ve blogged about in the past.  I do enjoy them.  When I first started quilting I joined quite a few of swaps on About.com quilting forum.  I also learned a LOT from the members on the message board.  I don’t spend much time there anymore and can’t really say why, because I really do like the format of the message board…  Anyway…..

…..IMG_0002I have these blocks from a swap (not from About) that I really want to do something with.  I love the sewing mice embroidery on them and feel I need to make something for the sewing room.  Maybe a sewing machine pinafore???

Blog Hops:  I have only recently started spending time on those.  It is an opportunity to see some very creative ideas from others on how they interpret the theme of the hop.  Plus, there are so very many blogs out there that are missed simply because I don’t know where to look (I guess)

Linky PartiesKind of, sort of, like the Blog Hops.  Another way to check out other blogs.   These just don’t have predetermined themes or a specific day assigned to the blog.  I have found some really cute, neat, interesting things by ‘linking’ over to other blogs.

and here’s one that I hadn’t planned on mentioning – Buttons for all these different blog activities.  I really like the Buttons that people create for their blogs and personal links.  I managed to create one for my own, but I’m certainly not original or very good at it.  What I don’t understand is why someone would leave a button up for an activity that is way past done????  I guess it’s a way to link back and look at what transpired during that time frame…. Anyway, to each their own, but I will admit here that some of the blogs I’ve looked at recently are really looking cluttered with buttons and then of course the more popular blogs (those with thousands of followers!) have the paid advertising which I think also clutters their blogs (but kudos to them for getting paid for having a large following that enables them to get paid for blogging!) 



Deb Lindley said...

LOVE the name of this post and the sewing machine pinafore sounds like a wonderful way to use those embroidered mice!

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Swaps - not my thing - but I have been known to "trade" on occasion - ;))
Blog Hops - nope - ;))
Linky Parties - one or two - ;))
Buttons - Yup - got some of those - ;))

Madame Samm said...

Hi Katie..speaking of blog hops and buttons..are you in our put your stamp on it blog hop???
if so just a friendly reminder to put up your button...wink