Monday, May 20, 2013

MIA again!

I will start this with a picture before I get chatty….IMG_0042

This shows the 3 different blocks from the Mystery quilt I designed for QFC Sew Fest.  I started the layout on my design wall to give myself an idea of whether I would be happy with it.  Lesson to myself – before writing clues and distributing to the group – sew first!  Actually, I do like this and I’m hoping the ladies coming to Sew Fest and who have played along will like their quilts as well.   There were a few things as I sewed up the blocks and started laying them out that I wish I’d done differently as it would have created more ‘movement’, but for my first ‘mystery’ I’m not disappointed….

MIA – my sister-in-law is having surgery again and we will be heading out in just a few hours to go help her for a few days.  It is our hope that she will be up and about by Thurs morning as I’m heading back.  My granddaughter, Kari, will be graduating Thurs evening and I refuse to miss that!!!! DH will stay with his sister if it’s necessary and I will head back up Friday….  We do what we do for our families and I’m just happy to be able to help.

Okay, this is a short post (for me) but I need to get moving and get packed so I’m ready when hubby is Smile


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Deb Lindley said...

First, I really like your first QFC Mystery Block - you did good!

Second, I've been 'down' for a few days w/flu/cold re-visit, so I've missed this post. So sorry to hear about your DSIL. I pray she comes through safely and has a quick recovery.

Stay safe and give the DGD my best wishes for graduation!