Thursday, March 14, 2013


Done!  I say this is the last time I will ever make a prom dress / outfit as the next granddaughter is only 3.  By the time she gets prom age, I’ll use the “I’m too old” card!


Looks short but is actually floor length.  Kari got the short gene from me and is only 5’3”.  I like the color block effect that the flounces add.

Kari's prom outfit 2013With the corset.  The corset looks so shapeless on the hanger…..  Kari loves her prom outfit and that’s all that is important.  Her only comment was that the corset felt a bit loose.  She is used to wearing her clothes at least one size too small (in my opinion).  She looked very nice in her outfit.  I will post pictures once she is Prom Ready.

for Irma

I did get some piecing in.  These are actually 5 blocks for a row swap that sort of isn’t…  A row swap was organized over on QFC (we do other things beside make charity quilts) and some of the ladies requested that their row be just the blocks without being sewn into a row.  The ladies were asked to chose a block they’d like in their row.  When I do a row, I normally add fillers and ‘decorate’ the row.  I think some of these ladies thought it would be their choice of block constructed 5 times and sewn together, so I can’t blame them for not wanting that.  I did not specify a specific block.  I asked that they be creative, do whatever they liked using shades of blue.  The only real requirement was for the row to be 12½” X 60½” unfinished.

I will be MIA for the next few days.  Heading out to Disneyland early tomorrow morning.  I love this time with son and his family but, oh man, will my knees and hip be screaming.  If it was just straight walking, I’d be fine… but it’s the side stepping to go around people, the sudden stopping when someone steps out in front of you.  It comes with the crowds…


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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

WOW!! Kari's Prom Dress is BEAUTIFUL!! The colors are so RICH - and the color block effect is VERY pretty - especially with the satin corset. Good job, Grandma - no wonder Kari loves it! Can't wait to see a photo of her "Prom Ready" - ;))

Have fun in Disneyland - BOB thinks that you should rent a scooter for your knees - and take a kid's bicycle horn with you to help with "crowd control" - haha - ;))