Thursday, January 3, 2013

A new year and I’m still the same!

Still not posting much….. but I have been doing a little bit in the sewing room…

Donna's bad ones

These are for a block swap over on the QFC Yahoo group.  The pattern is from Quilter’s Cache and wouldn’t you know it, I looked at a black & white print out and thought “oh scrappy”  well, not exactly…. The small center and larger corner triangles are supposed to be from the same fabric.  I’ll be doing these over again Smile

And here are some more for the swap:


These patterns are also from Quilter’s Cache.  The set on the right showed templates in the directions but they did not print true to size from my printer.  I finally just drafted my own….

Jan L'sAnd braids…. Braids are quick to sew up but I like to do them with each strip a different fabric.  The recipient of these requested batiks and I didn’t have much in batik scraps.  I went ahead and cut one strip off each of my yardage pieces (not sure what I was saving the yardage for anyway).

I also managed to get borders on a scrap quilt I posted about here.  I will get pictures once I get it all quilted. 

I worked at cleaning off my cutting table and cleaning up some scraps.  As you know I have a love / hate relationship with scraps.  I need ideas on what to do with them.  I get easily bored doing string blocks.  I also like scraps for paper piecing, but that gets tedious after a while, so that’s another thing that I don’t work on so much….

My new year has started off at a snail’s pace and I’m so hoping that isn’t an indicator of what my entire year will be like……  But maybe I should look at it as relaxed and easy   Smile  I don’t make resolutions – I don’t want to feel like a failure at the end of the year.  And of course, the diet plans, the exercise plans and all the weight loss programs are hitting the commercials on TV hot and heavy and every year I get mad all over again.  With so much emphasis on “looking good” they wonder why the kids today suffer from self esteem issues!  Okay, on that note I’ll shut up as this is a huge sore spot with me.



Sewing Junkie said...

Happy New Year. Sometimes I just tune out in my head all the advertisements. I need to do the same thing. Use the scraps and also loose the weight. Join the club. Chin up it could be worse, you could be in the Midwest with all the cold weather. Chris

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Relaxed and easy - sounds good to me!! I think this year I'll be blogging less and sewing more - ;)) And remember that we is NOT fat - we is FLUFFY!! ;))