Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Thoughts and Prayers

As I woke this morning to another bright, sunny day here in S.E. Arizona I thought of those experiencing the devastation / effects of Hurricane Sandy.  My thoughts and prayers are with all.  

I finished the 'clothing' quilt tops.  Grabbed my camera in anticipation of finally posting some pictures, but, alas, the camera battery is sleeping.   So I will let it get it's rest and recharge and have pictures to post next time.
I have such a mess in my sewing room.  My inclination is to close the door and ignore it.  Put a quilt on the frame and start the process of getting these 5 quilts completed.  But.... at some point, I will have to open that door again to attach the binding to these quilts, so I might as well get in there and straighten up the mess - anyone want to come help?!

Katie who's headed to the sewing room - but not to sew.......

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