Saturday, October 27, 2012

Not again!!!!

Okay…. Maybe that’s a bit of a dramatic ‘title’, but it seems like I rarely have pictures to post – well, ones that would interest anyone anyway….

I had big hopes of having the 5 ‘clothing’ quilts done by now.  Didn’t happen but I am in the home stretch as far as construction of the quilts.  I have the kids’ quilt tops done and I hope to finish mom’s today.  I have the sashing & borders to cut then just get it all together.  There were a couple baby outfits that I simply could not bring myself to cut up and include in the quilts.  I will return them to mom with the suggestion she put them aside to give later for a grandchild to wear – I did that with a couple of my son’s baby outfits and both of his sons wore them and have photos of the three of them…. Sorry, there I go again, sidetracking Smile  The little T-shirts and hankie bonnets that were from the hospital when the kids were born, I did incorporate into mom’s quilt.  I had a very hard time cutting those little T’s but those are something that I know would not be used otherwise.  Any future G-kids will have their own birth T’s and bonnets/ caps.  I am happy with the way these quilts came together, but I have to say – I don’t think I would rush into doing anything like it again.  Some of what I was given had already been cut up and I had to create applique blocks.  There was several different fabrics involved – lace, cotton, stretch jersey, polyester….. I have decided that if I am ever again approached to do this type of a quilt, the clothing will have to be intact and they will have to be willing to pay for stabilizing materials…..  Fortunately, the stabilizing material I used was not too pricey, but because I did not mention the need to use it, I won’t charge for it…. It’s the full disclosure thing for me.

On another note, I really want to love my quilter again so may have to give in and take it in to be serviced / checked out / whatever it needs.  I don’t know if it’s the thread I’m using, the fabrics in the quilts or what, but it just has not been playing nice.  I’ve actually considered selling it and maybe buying one of the sit down models.  BUT… then I start from square one relearning to move the quilt under a needle versus the needle over the quilt….. and I’m sure there would still be issues to overcome – eventually…..

I am hoping that everyone on the east coast remains safe in view of the upcoming storm predictions. 

Until next time (and maybe, hopefully, some pictures)


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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

I like your posts even without pictures - ;)) AND I noticed a new header - THAT'S a GREAT picture - ;))

I found a sit-down quilter once that moves the needle over the quilt - now I just need to find the link again - haha - ;))