Wednesday, October 3, 2012


I really have been working on projects….. The bigger quilts > I was sent 4 sets of embroidered blocks and I assembled those.  The motorcycle flame quilt is my work entirely.  I will show close-ups, but will say with the flame quilt I was not happy.  My quilter was not behaving well.  After washing the quilt it helped pull some of the ‘pokies’ in….    

These quilts will be donated to a boys home in PA.



IMG_1737I like the piano key border quilting of this quilt.  I used a varigated thread, white to black and in some places it looks like the batting is coming through….



There was so much color in this set of embroidered designs, that I chose stack-n-whack as a ‘filler’.  I made the ‘fillers’ first and then needed to frame the cars to make them fit the fillers.  I could have trimmed the stack-n-whack blocks down, but then I would have had to made a larger border – this worked….


I really liked these designs.  There was such a variety of color, I chose the black fabrics because they had a lot of color in them as well – it doesn’t show up too well in the picture – maybe if you click on the picture it’ll enlarge and show better Smile



This turned out okay.  I used scraps to make the 9 patch blocks.  I was not overly fond of the designs but in the end it came together.




I really like this quilt, I only wish the quilting was better – enough said…..





These are little tiny quilts.  They measure 14” X 19” and will be donated for a NICU.  I questioned the size, but then was told these little quilts actually are used to cover the tiny preemie babies.  Several of the ladies from QFC have also donated for this NICU.  I will try and remember to get a ‘group’ picture of them all before I donate.  They are all so darn cute!

IMG_1747When I think of the small size of these, I think some little girl will be able to wrap her dolly in her quilt, but if the parents are like me, the quilt will be put away…..

So that’s what I’ve been working on and it will probably be a while again before I have many pictures to post.  I will be working on 5 quilts for a family…. using the kids clothes to make each of them their own quilt from their clothes and what’s left will go into a quilt for mom.  I think it will actually be fun to watch the quilts come together….


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