Wednesday, March 28, 2012


When I have UFOs, I know I've put too many irons in the fire!  I really do prefer to complete something before moving on.  Now that's not saying that I don't have some 'samples' laying around.  I'll see something I'd like to learn the technique and I pull out scraps and give it a try - therefore, samples!  I have 8 quilts that I need to get quilted for Quilters for Comfort but as I was getting the batting ready for those, I discovered that I also have 3 quilts that I've made that I need to quilt.  One quilt that I need to add just side borders to as it needs to be wider but not necessarily longer. I have a 'tropical fish' quilt that I need to border.... And here I am starting the New York Beauty QAL, I'm leisurely taking my time with the Farmer's Wives blocks and as if that isn't enough, I decided I wanted to make a Feathered Star from Marsha McKloskey's book.  I think I need to make myself a schedule to get done what I have waiting...... Maybe UFOs should be renamed "Ladies in Waiting".....
Okay, I'm just rambling... but sometimes I do that :-)
Oh, Disney was great fun.  Weather was perfect.  Cool mornings, pleasant afternoons.  The time spent with family absolutely priceless!  I did come home with a bit of cold, though.  I'm thinking not enough sleep and definitely not the healthiest of eating while there.
I worked this block up in EQ.  I  will work on it after the Ladies in Waiting have moved on

Til next time


Sue said...

I love the term Ladies in Waiting. It makes UFOs sound gentile. Your block is lovely and there is the possibility of some lovely secondary patterns, too.

Linda said...

I have too many irons in the fire, but I can't help it!
Ladies in Waiting ... now that's a great name!