Tuesday, February 7, 2012

So neglected......

I have so neglected my blog.......It's not that I haven't been working on anything, just not anything I think would be of interest.  Sort of boring stuff but necessary stuff.  I have a friend who donates to a NICU and delivers twice a year.  I've been knitting some little tiny booties and caps (shown in a previous post) and using orphan blocks to make tiny little quilts (14" X 17").  Several ladies over at Quilters for Comfort have jumped in and are helping.  They questioned the size of these quilts until I explained when a preemie is only 2 lbs, they have so many wires, etc hooked up to them that they simply need something to cover them, they aren't 'wrapped' in these little quilts.
I took a simple embroidered design, bordered it out with flannel and used fleece on the back.  I used the 'pillow turn' method and just did a bit of top stitching and used a decorative stitch from my machine to 'tack' in random places to secure.  I have some flannel left over from making jammies for my g-kids and I will use two layers and do the same thing.  Flannel that has just been laying around will get used for a good cause.
I also have more quilts waiting to get quilted but aren't due until the end of April, so have plenty of time.  I am working on a 'lighthouse' quilt.  I had some embroidered lighthouse blocks and some lighthouse fabric and decided to get something put together with it.  Because of the size of the embroidery, I'm making the blocks 16" using a simple star pattern.
And that's what I've been up to.....



Linda said...

I "feel your pain" about the blog. I'm also having trouble getting back in the swing of things since all the hub-bub of the holidays.
I have just mailed off 3 preemie quilts that I have spent the week making. These are to drape the isolettes and not to actually cover the preemies. (They keep the rooms well lit, so they need to cover the incubator tops. It feels so good to use our skills to help out!

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

How sweet! You need to do a tutorial - with photos. 14x17 - orphan block with flannel border and fleece backing - envelope style - got it. The two layers of flannel, though - with or without batting? - fleece backing? - just two layers for something lightweight? Details - details- please - ;)) I wanna see the lighthouse blocks and fabric, too!

And my word verification is "rerdo" - How do it know that all I have been doing lately is "re-do"? ;))