Wednesday, April 6, 2016

this and that

While I've been in sewing mode, I started working on things for Sew Fest which isn't until August, but the way my ambition comes and goes these days, I take advantage while I have it:
 These blocks are my start to a "Sampler Challenge".  The QFC group was asked to make 2 blocks of 5 different patterns over a period of a couple months.   It was asked to use the same fabrics for all the blocks that will then be put into "sampler" style quilts at Sew Fest.
 These embroidery designs are from Windbell Embroidery.  I used a varigated red thread and wasn't sure I'd like where it went so pale as to be almost white but after I looked at the stitchout off the machine, I liked the 'softness' of it.  This year at Sew Fest we are planning on some more feminine quilts to honor our lady veterans.
This set is also from Windbell Embroidery.
My grandson is in the Air Force my plans are to put this block into a quilt for him.
This block is from Eleanor Burns book "Day & Night" which also comes with a 'specialty' ruler which is really just a triangle ruler with specific to this pattern markings:
You start with a strip set then cut left and right units.  There are some "bonus" cuts that are used for a small version of the star and also the 'spider web' block:
I don't have the corners on in this picture yet....  These were really simple to make and I am sure I will be doing more.

My youngest granddaughter is really into the Disney movie "Frozen".  Her room is decorated accordingly and she has the Elsa and Anna (fashion) dolls as well as other Barbie dolls.  So, thinking ahead to Christmas I've started cutting out doll clothes from my scraps of fabric.  It doesn't take much fabric for these small clothes.... 

Until next time, I wish you all well and much creativity.


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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Oooh, I like them all - especially the "soft" variegated red one - ;))