Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Really? Already? 2015?

So what did I do in 2014?  I have no idea!  Seriously, where did it go??? 

Christmas has come and gone.. and lucky me was sick through it.  Ended up with a bad cold which I guess I should be thankful that it was not the flu.  Planned on 15 for Christmas dinner and ended up with 12 as one couple ended up in the ER with him trying to pass kidney stones.  One of our other friends actually fell getting out of his truck in front of our house and skinned up his face.  Rather than come in and have me patch him up, he got back in his truck and went home and called to tell me he wasn’t going to make it… I think a little embarrassment played a part.  So meals were delivered later instead.

The Anna Coronation dress that I was so stressed about:

Tiff's Prncess Anna  I did NOT put all those applique pieces on the skirt and did use the decorative ribbon.  That ribbon was the most expensive part of this dress as I needed over 12 yards!

IMG_0006I was so pleased that she recognized the dress for what it was before she got it completely out of the gift bag.  She wore her dress all day – over her flannel PJ’s from G-ma. Smile

I also told you in my last post that my sister and her guy were in Hawaii and that I hoped they were having a good time.  Turns out I’m getting a new brother-in-law!  Yep, they got engaged over there and when the couple they were with asked if they were going to get married there, Harold said, “oh, no!  My future sister-in-law would kill me!”  Ah he’s a smart man!  I’m beyond excited for them.  My sister is 54 and never been married.  She waited for the right guy and he’s it.  He’s a gem of a person and I’m beyond excited for them.  Wedding is slated for “sometime early 2015”.  So I wait to hear a date, plan a dress and a trip to Florida.

The new year has started with me getting some quilts quilted.  I have several to get done for Quilters for Comfort and several of my own I’d like to get to finished!  I also have a couple I’d like to make… so looks like I will busy.

I know it’s bitterly cold across the U.S. so I hope if you live in one of those areas, that you’ll stay inside and stay safe…


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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Yeah - really - and already - 2014 is GONE - 2015 is HERE!! - ;))

Sorry to hear about your dinner guests - crappy timing for the kidney stones - and falling - UGH!! But the Anna dress appears to have been a HIT!! And CONGRATULATIONS!! to your sister - getting engaged in Hawaii is exciting!! Looking forward to seeing your quilts - ;))