Sunday, December 7, 2014

“A day that will live in infamy”

My history is really bad but I believe it was Roosevelt that said that after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. 

I truly did not plan my post around this being December 7th or “Pearl Harbor Day”.  My sister and her guy are in Hawaii and I really hope they’re having a wonderful time.  I also will take a moment to reflect on the tragic of that day and pray that some day our world will be a peaceful place.

Okay, enough of that…. I have been sewing PJ’s for the grands.  Most of it is pajama pants and I’ve order long sleeve T’s that I will embroider to match the pants.  My next big sewing project is making my youngest granddaughter, who is into everything Disney princess, the Anna (from Frozen) coronation gown.  OMG… when I saw how many tiny pieces of applique go on the skirt of that gown….skirt

Well, let’s just say this grandma is going to be looking for some wide, decorative ribbon…

I finished the memorials.  I did 5 but forgot to take pictures of the last 2…

IMG_0027IMG_0028IMG_0029The family members who receive these will recognize the clothing and ties.  The extremely colorful one is going to their granddaughter and she’s going to love it.  It just screams her name…  The purple tie – those number do not represent the year but the number of the Elk’s lodge he was associated with.  These were really lovely people and I feel blessed to have known them and also was honored to be able to make these.

IMG_0031Thanksgiving day in Arizona.  Yep, served on the patio outside.  My daughter-in-law sets a beautiful table and we all felt truly blessed to live in a place where we were able to ‘take it outside’.

I hope everyone is taking time to enjoy this Holiday season.  I think sometimes we get too caught up in the commercialism and forget about the joy the birth of a baby brings.  Even in the circumstances of His birth, I’m sure Mary & Joseph were full of joy.  This is a season of joy and blessings to all…



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