Thursday, May 22, 2014


This is what I was asking myself this morning as I was reading some blogs.  Why do I keep a blog (I don’t post often)?  When I first started my blog it was a way of keeping a record of the quilts and miscellaneous that I created.  It was a way of connecting to others with the same interest as myself.  Now, why do I keep a blog??  I really don’t know – again, I don’t post often.  I do occasionally connect with someone with the same interest.  I doubt I post anything that is inspirational to others.  I don’t post tutorials (though I’ve actually written many for QFC).

Why do I read blogs?  That question was easy for me to answer.  I do enjoy seeing what others are doing.  Then I thought about how many often I read a blog and how often I comment.  I don’t comment very often!  So… with thinking that, I am wondering how many read my blog but don’t comment either…..  SO,  now my question is – do you feel you’re blogging for nothing if you don’t receive comments?????  Do you blog for yourself or for recognition from others?  Do you blog to keep friends and family up to date with what you’re doing?  Do you blog for financial gain?

And yes I did ask myself all those questions and my answer is- I blog for myself!  I hope that what I write, the pictures I post might be of some interest to someone.  I do hope that someone might find inspiration in a picture I’ve shown or something I’ve written.  I could care less about financial gain because I really dislike ads on blogs and therefore don’t want them on mine.  As for family & friends reading my blog – I truly don’t know if any of them do…. I keep in touch by email, phone calls, etc….

Oh, dear… should I leave a post pictureless???   No, I think not.

IMG_0034Cathy B. from QFC (Quilters for Comfort) sent me this Hexie medallion.  She had received it from another member who due to health issues is no longer able to quilt / sew.  What to do with this???  I decided to applique it to the white background.  Add a sawtooth border and start it out as a Round Robin among the QFC ladies.  5 other ladies will add to this and when completed it will be donated to a Veteran facility.  I am anxious to see what the other ladies add…



Ellen said...

Love your round robin idea.

I blog for myself but if other quilters find inspiration from something they read about or see on my blog that is all good too!

Linda said...

Well now your thoughts are exactly what I've pondered over and over. Sometimes I do a good job of blogging and then along comes life and I drop out of blogland for days. Sometimes weeks. And when I take the time to ponder I wonder if anyone cares. ;0)
So I just want you to know that you have at least one reader that does care. Keep on blogging!

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Me, too!! - I blog for the same reasons as you - and, like Linda said - sometimes life comes along and I drop out for a while - like now. So you have at least TWO readers who care. Keep on blogging!! - ;))

And I like your Round Robin - have you thought about giving it back to the original lady who can no longer quilt due to health issues? That might be a nice surprise - ;))