Friday, April 18, 2014

Left overs and orphans

Before I cut fabric to make a quilt, I always try the pattern first using scraps.  Therefore, I have orphans.  And then there is the figuring out if I’ve cut the right size.  Sometimes when  I’m working out a new technique that I’ve seen or a new block, I try to figure it out on my own and end up with odd size units.  Or, I will make too many of one unit and have the left overs.  So what to do with these?  Now I love scrappy quilts but most of the time these orphans and left overs are so different in colors, not to mention sizes and shapes, a quilt would simply look junky (in my opinion) if I put them all together. I decided to put a backing on the frame, use my scraps of batting and just lay these units and blocks down and quilt.  It gave me an opportunity to play with some quilting designs, too…

mass quiltingThe ones down the left hand side I added some Insulbright batt to them and I’m using them as hot pads in the kitchen.  The blue/pink has embroidery on it and I thought it was too pretty to be used as a hot pad, so it went into my bath to add a touch of color.  The pink/green pieces I’m using as runners – as well as the small squares piece on the bottom.  The smaller unit pieces I’m using as coasters.  I have quite a few more leftovers and orphans but these are what fit on the piece of fabric I used for backing.  The larger pieces I did use a binding to finish the edges, on the coasters, I used a satin stitch around the edges.  A bit of a tip here:  I like to use a stabilizer when doing satin stitch around the edges.  I have the embroidery machine so I have used tear-away and water soluable stablizers.  I think the pieces simply feed through the machine better..

So, what do you do with your left overs and orphans???


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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

My left-overs and orphans usually end up in my scrap drawers - never to see the light of day - haha - ;))

From now on - I think that I'm going to set aside a set of fat quarters to be used specifically for making "test" blocks. Maybe if the fabrics are already pre-coordinated - the test blocks will all "play nice" and look like a sampler quilt if/when they are combined later at some point in time. A set in Red/White/Blue combos or Christmas colors might work - ;))