Thursday, April 10, 2014

If you like pictures…..

I know many times a picture is what draws me in to read a blog.  I love seeing what others are creating.  There is so much talent in the world and I am so bad about sharing pictures – shame on me. 

In my last post I told you about the quilts I received from Barb J.  Here’s a small sampling of those quilt that need to be completed:

I’m assuming that the Horse head center, the strip and the jelly roll quilt tops were done by Barb herself.  You can see from the others how rough the edges are.  Here is a before and after of one of the quilts I bordered and finished:


There was several different chicken print fabrics in this quilt and I just happen to have that chicken fabric in my stash so it worked out really well.  I did just a simple quilting on this and I like that it gave a bit of texture to the quilt.

On the QFC front, I’ve been receiving Preemie blankets from some of the ladies.  Here’s a sampling (with a couple close ups) of those:

These little blankets measure 14” X 19”.  Just enough to cover those tiny babies and help keep them warm.  Whenever I make one of these, I think of what a parent might be going through with having a baby so very small fighting for it’s life.  I hope the little quilt/blanket gives that parent a bit of a smile and I say a quick little prayer for the health of the child who the quilt will cover….

And… Pillowcases – a few of these have been sent out, too:

IMG_0046These were made from the kits that Barb J. put together.  And these:

IMG_0045are from fabrics I had in my stash…

I hope you enjoyed the pictures.  Now let’s see if I can remember to take (and post) pictures more often…



Linda said...

Hi Katie
the borders surely make a difference, you did a great job.
What is QFC for the premie quilts?
BTW, I looked for the "thingie" to click to follow your blog, and I didn't find it!
I am so techy, aren't I? LOL

Katie M. said...

QFC = Quilters for Comfort. There is a page / tab you can click on at the top that will take you there for more information. I did try to send you a private email but kept getting a failure notice....
Thank you for stopping by..