Saturday, November 10, 2012

just a note

Happy Saturday to all.
Just a quick update note - Tech came and got the quilter back up and running.  The 5 'clothing' quilts are DONE!! YeeHA!  I am satisfied with how they turned out, but I would not hurry to do something like that again.  They ended up being more labor intensive than I had anticipated and because I had already given the lady a quote, I won't change that.  I figured out the approximate time I spent on these quilts along with what I quoted her for labor - I might have made $1 a hour........    Oh well, lessons learned and I'm hoping these quilts will recall some fond memories.
So what will I be working on next??? Christmas sewing, of course.   I am planning on making doll clothes for my (almost) 3 yr old granddaughter.  She also will get her pink camo 'outfit'..... Coming from a family of hunters, she MUST have her camo!!!  I want to make a few sets of zippered bags to put in a purse for the ladies in the family.  At this point, I'm not planning on the usual flannel PJ's that I normally do, so I'm thinking my Christmas sewing will at the minimum level.  Of course, I could change me mind :-)
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DoneByBettyBoop wDeb said...

YIPPEE! So glad to hear Quilter is back in the saddle and you finished up ALL 5 Memory Quilts - way to go!! I know how hard it can be to try and estimate a job and come up short...been there, done that, too. But you know what - like you said, lesson learned, and you did a very good thing for that family so nothin' but happy thoughts for you and what you've accomplished.

I MUST see the pink camo when finished, OMG that will be an AWESOME Christmas gift! Got my son's dachsund a pink camo sweater vest for Christmas last year...she enjoyed eating it by New Year's LOL! Now that's what I call enoying something right down to the last bite! Hears hoping your DGD will enjoy 'wearing' her new camo rather than eating it ;-)