Saturday, November 24, 2012

And so it begins……

First I will start with a picture….

scrappy log cabinThese are the Scrappy Log Cabin blocks that I sent on for the Sandy victims.  After I finished them and put them up on the design wall, I wondered to myself why I didn’t commit to 9????? I have no idea why I said 8…… I would have added another, but we were told to send only the amount we originally signed up for.

I hope all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  My DIL and son did a great job as usual.  My DIL’s both sets of parents were there so my G-kids were so fortunate to have all their grandparents together – and yes we all get along very well.

And then comes “Black Friday”…. How about you?  did you venture out into the madness of the beginning of the Christmas shopping / commercial season?  I admit to thinking about it….. but I could not think of one thing that I would probably be able to buy as a “door buster” so it just wasn’t worth my sanity.  I did, however, do some on line shopping and got a few deals.  I had been thinking of buying a baby doll for my ‘almost 3’ year old granddaughter.  My plans were to get a doll and sew a wardrobe for it.  OMG – it’s been a long time since I bought a baby doll – talk about what I consider being over priced!  SO what did I do,  I came across the Dollie & Me series on line at Kohls.  They are comparable to the American Girl dolls (I think).  Called my DIL and asked her opinion and she thought it would be a good idea.  And… the more I thought about it, my granddaughter does not know anyone who has a small baby so interaction with a doll makes more sense for one ‘like her’.  Anyway, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  I have already looked at patterns to start making doll clothes Smile

And forward to more Christmas stuff…… I used to love decorating for Christmas.  Not so much anymore.  I do put some decorations up simply because Christmas is held here and I think I should do it for the G-kids….. Maybe my 17 yr old granddaughter, Kari, will come and decorate for me – now there’s a thought….

The baking… Crazy – when I worked a full time job, I’d spend my weekends baking.  The cookies, candies and breads.  Now that I am voluntarily unemployed I don’t do that much.  Maybe a few varieties of cookies and the family insist on the fudge.  I certainly don’t need it and I really don’t want my G-kids to have that much sugar either.  Something I do that the kids enjoy – dipped pretzels.  They like the white chocolate coated pretzels. 

And the sewing…… I an definitely cutting back this year.  I normally sew something for each of the kids.  Mostly it’s been flannel PJ’s – so now I’m a little tired of making flannel jammies.  So, I’m knitting slipper socks for all of them  (like that’s going to save time!)  My 21 year old grandson has been making comments about a quilt.  I may think about that for him.

Okay, so yes it begins.  The indecision, the chaos, but most of all the total joy of the season and thanking God once again that I have the many reasons to have the commercial chaos and I do always remember the reason for the season!

As this busy time of year begins, I hope you all will be patient with those who aren’t, remember to drop a few coins in the red buckets and if possible to give to your fellow man/woman/child who has less.

Happy beginning of the Holidays,


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