Tuesday, November 8, 2011

and for today......

Yesterday's post has brought me to today's post.  I don't belong to the local quilt guild.  I really enjoy sewing with other people and actually get a lot accomplished when I do.  I don't take classes.  I'm pretty much a self-taught quilter.  Do I like classes?  Yes, I do.  Again it's the time spent with others who share a common interest.  So why don't I belong to a guild or take classes?  Well, have you ever been with a group of people and somewhere in that group there's at least one person who has that superiority complex?  I am who I am.... and I am certainly NOT a perfectionist.  And obviously, if you read yesterday's post, I'm not a fabric snob.  Okay, I'm not saying that buying fabric from the LQS makes you a snob...... what I am saying is that I don't think someone should look down their nose at me because I didn't buy from the LQS.  Yes, that has happened to me!  Same with classes.  Just an example here.... Pay to take the class> $35.  Buy fabric from the LQS @ $10 a yard (and that's on the low side around here) and you need approx. 5 yards.  So already at $85 and the quilt isn't finished - factor in buying batting, backing and what they heck, throw in the thread..... And..... what if you don't quilt yourself but send your quilts out for quilting?  Oh, yes, I've heard the comments  like "well if I'm going to put that much of MY time and effort into something......"  or the one "well, I just think that my (family member here) is worth it....."  Well, folks, I quilt because I enjoy it - my time spent is more relaxation - I don't consider it a chore.  And my family members - they know me.... and my grandkids, I hope they drag their quilts around and use them for tents and love them to pieces - literally!  If I ever do make that heirloom quilt (which I seriously doubt), then I guess I'll simply have to tell the recipient ( or whoever inherits) that they are to put it in a nice clean, cotton pillow case (or I'll provide one made from the fabrics in the quilt), put it on a shelf,or better yet, in one of those acid free boxes,  take it out occassionally to refold (don't want any breakdown), take it out only on a special occasion and pray it will last for hundreds of years when no one will remember who I was, only that I made a nice quilt once.


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The Quilt Witches said...

I always look for cheap fabrics and even (used) vintage fabrics everywhere including LQS.
and sometimes I buy very expensive fabric.In the Dutch LQS the prices are about 20 dollars a yard.
I think that the mix of cheap and expensive fabric makes a quilt original and even more beautiful.
I agree quilts are made to be loved and used.