Thursday, March 12, 2015


I’m wondering if it’s worth keeping my blog.  I mean let’s face it, it’s not like I spend much time posting anything here.  And maybe, if I was more diligent, I’d have a bit more interest.  I have to admit, I do enjoy looking back over what few posts I have and seeing some of what I’ve done.  I don’t keep a journal so I guess this is a ‘sort of’ way of journaling.  And really, I did start this blog for me….. Okay, guess I won’t be leaving

Instagram?  Twitter?  Facebook? and how many other “social media” places are out there?  I do have a Facebook account.  I do a whole lot more reading than posting.  And I have to tell you I can’t believe how many people ‘share’ from Pinterest and other sights.  And it’s supposed to be because they are bookmarking it??? Have they not thought about sending themselves a link and keeping a folder in their email accounts???? And what about actually saying something???? I don’t want to see all those little signs and pictures people post because they’re too lazy to think up words to say.  Okay, I guess that turned into a rant and I didn’t really mean it to…..  Okay so Instagram – I guess that’s where people post a LOT of pictures.  Now I don’t have a “smart” phone with a fancy camera so I guess I’m not going to ever be on Instagram but seriously, I don’t think I want to take a picture of every thing in my life.    Twitter – quick short notes (I think)…. Oh, never mind…. I guess I just don’t get it…….


I love these designs.  They are from Quite a Stitch and are very stitch heavy.  Each one of these took almost 3 hours to stitch out.  But I think they were well worth it.  I have one more I want to do and have the frame to match and they will hang in my bathroom as a set.





for Steven's Tucker 2This still needs to be quilted.  My great niece is expecting her first baby the end of the month and it’s a boy.  I usually make baby quilts that are a bit brighter but these fabrics are the ones that ‘talked’ to me – so this is her quilt…

Usually this time of year I head to Disneyland with my son and family but I’ve passed this year.  Last year I came home with quite a bit of knee pain and my ortho told me I was looking at a total knee replacement.  Well, until I’m in constant pain and can no longer walk a mile, it’s not happening.  But I didn’t think I could do 5 days of Disney so instead I will be animal sitting at my son’s.  I had told him over a year ago I would make him a cover for his grill and so this is an opportunity to get that done.  My DIL had bought fabric to make covers for the rocker for the nursery for when Tiffani was born but the fabric ended up being too dark and Tiffani is now 5 years old and into everything Frozen!  My DIL put the rocker/glider outside on the back porch, so I’m going to make the new covers for the cushions and surprise her.  I was trying to think of all the different projects to kit up and take with me and then it dawned on me that I’m not leaving the state and it’s only a 25 minute drive from their house to mine….. No sense in hauling a bunch of stuff down there when I can just come get it…..

Until next time when I feel I have something to say or something I feel is worth sharing…. Hope your part of the world is warming up and starting to see the signs of spring..



A Left-Handed Quilter said...

You and me both, Katie!! I don't GET all of the social media stuff. I don't GET having to tell the world that "I moved my right foot, I moved my left foot". I have a Facebook account that I don't use - no Twitter - no Instagram - no smartphone - no nothing - just my regular phone and my blog. If you want to find me - either call me - email me - or read my blog - that's where I am. And I blog for ME, too! If you want to know how I do something - read my blog - if you don't - that's fine. I can write all I want - but I can't make you or anyone else read it - ;))

Please don't leave!! - I like your "on and off" journal - it's kinda like mine - ;))

And I like your stitchery - they will make a nice set - ;))

sb said...

I enjoy your blog too, so keep on. As you say, it's a good way to record your life.
As to social media: I used to email links to myself but it was not easy to keep track of them.I also saved bookmarks on Google but that doesn't allow for photos. So I love Pinterest but don't share my pins. Most are recipes and I have one board where I keep recipes I've tried this year, with my comments. Very helpful.
We live in a small town with no TV station and only a weekly newspaper so Twitter keeps me informed as to what's going on around here.
I detest Facebook, find it difficult to use, but did use it last week when my granddaughter was in Washington DC and her teacher posted photos every day. I use email to communicate with friends. Just not comfortable with the "group" aspect of Facebook.
I'm on Instagram because my son's children post photos. I don't have a smart phone (I'm retired and home most of the time and the data charges for my iPad are much less than for a phone) but I have posted a few photos from my iPad.
Keep on quilting.
Sarah from California