Tuesday, November 11, 2014

and today is….

In the U.S. today we recognize our Veterans.  I am proud to have been an “Army brat”.  All the men in my family have served in one service or another.  In fact, I believe they’ve covered all the military services…. So, to all the men and women who have or who are still, serving – I want to thank them as well as their families.  Sometimes it’s not easy to be related to a military person.  I’m proud to be American and truly believe I live in the best country on the planet…..

Today is also my daughter-in-law’s birthday.  She doesn’t read my blog (don’t know if she even knows I have one…) but our family was blessed when my son married her.

Okay, on the quilting front:

for Tori and WillThis is the John Deere themed quilt that I made for my BFF’s granddaughter  (and soon to be hubby).  The block is the “Disappearing 4-patch with a twist” pattern.  It’s easy enough but tedious.  Make simple 4-patch blocks, make four cuts diagonally, then switch the pieces the way you like and sew back together and trim.  The X you see is actually where the 2 blocks meet…One block has a yellow side and a green side.. The small “pinwheel” block is actually the center:

for T & W close up

Then there was the quick-get-it-done baby quilt:

Eli BlankEli's quilt backI was able to use up some small yardage on this one!  The black silhouette on gold fabric I’ve had in my stash for probably 8 (or more) years and it is finally gone with the exception of some small scraps.

Then there were the quilts from Sew Fest that needed to be quilted and sent:


I have 4 more Patriotic themed quilts that I will finish up and donate to a local VA hospital.   The one’s I’ve kept were given to me from someone else to finish and donate and not part of Sew Fest.  So these are done and gone.

My “Screaming Christmas” quilt from a year ago is now a flimsy and will be finished for Christmas.  I have already started working on another Christmas quilt and I’m thinking of donating it for a raffle at our local Elk’s lodge to help raise funds for their annual Children’s Christmas party.

I also will be working on a project for a friend.  Her parents passed about 18 months apart and she wants to take some of her mother’s clothing and her father’s ties and put them together some way to make wall hangings for her siblings.  Today I will go through what she has with her and see what we can come up with….

So I have actually got some done and will have a busy next few weeks before Christmas.  Gee, I might actually remember to take (and post) some pictures.

Until next time…. be safe, be happy, be healthy,


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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter-in-law!! Your quilts look GREAT!! I'm going to have to try that "Disappearing 4-patch with a twist" - I love blocks that don't end where you think they do - ;))