Sunday, August 31, 2014

No pictures, just stuff…..

yep, if you want to see pictures, might as well not look any further.  I simply don’t have any to post.  It’s not that I haven’t done anything – I just don’t have the pictures downloaded in my computer…..

My friend loved his Native American quilt but it did cause a ruckus.  Now everyone in his family wants a quilt!  His granddaughter is getting married in November, so looks like she will be the first.  I asked my friend (his wife) what I should make and she told me “John Deere” green.  Tori loves everything “John Deere”.  Guess this will be an easy one!  Now to find some of that “John Deere” fabric…

Colonoscopy – don’t think I mentioned I was going in for my 10 year follow up.  I have to say, they aren’t pleasant but neither is a mammogram or pap smear.  Granted they take more time from start to finish, but it’s one of those tests/procedures that could sure save some major issues later.  Anyway, I had a “diminutive” and a 10mm polyps.  The doctor says they look “clean” but of course were sent to pathology.  I do have diverticulosis and was told I should avoid eating nuts, seeds and popcorn.  WHAT???? no popcorn.  Well, that really is not going to happen but I decided I might be able to live with a bowl in one hand and a cup in the other.  Why the cup? well to put the kernels in.  I’ll just eat the puffs Smile

I will be heading to the Oregon Coast in 2 weeks for the Quilters for Comfort Sew Fest.  We have 16 ladies attending.  Some I see every year, some I haven’t seen a few years and some that are new this year.  I really looking forward to it.  Even if don’t sew a stitch, it would be well worth the trip just to spend time with these lovely ladies.

Knitting – that time of year again.  I don’t know why I don’t knit during the summer… I just don’t.  And, I’m a slow knitter.  I pick up a pattern and read about ladies finishing it in a couple sittings – takes me about a week.  Maybe I just don’t sit as long as they do, hmmmmm something to think about….

This is Labor Day weekend.  We will be taking the ATV’s out tomorrow to a local picnic/camping area to have a picnic with our ATV friends.  They are the same ones who spent 8 months in Seattle while he underwent a stem cell transplant for leukemia.  It’s been 16 months since his transplant and I know it’s frustrating for him as it’s a slow recovery, but he’s alive and doing well.  We don’t get out the way we used to, but each time is special.

I hope you all are enjoying this weekend and if you’re anything like me, looking forward to the autumn months.


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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Have FUN this weekend - and in Oregon with the ladies! I'm looking forward to the cooler weather, too - may even pull out some knitting of my own - you never know - ;))