Saturday, July 20, 2013

My fears

I have a great dislike of spiders.  I don’t even want to see pictures of them.  They simply give me the creeps.  But I have a real fear of tarantulas and living in AZ, we have tarantulas!  Last evening after a shower earlier in the day, I was walking through my husband’s shop and yep, you guessed it, there was a tarantula.  I screamed, climbed up on his quad (ATV) and would have been if the rafters if there had been a way to get there.  He took his foot to push this ‘monster’ out the door and I headed into the house at a dead run.  I still have a hard time believing I have this type of reaction – I cry, I hyperventilate, the heart goes 90 miles an hour – it’s really terrible!  Now the clincher – I can look at those furry critters through glass at the Desert Museum, I can look at pictures and have even taken a few pictures of them.  My darling grandsons thought it was quite hysterical when they lifted the top off a container to show me a dead one they had ‘collected’ and I ran into the house.  But all those times, the tarantula was not moving.  That’s my phobia, I can’t handle it if they move!  Anyway, I’ve lived in this house for 35 years and only had to deal with this type of reaction twice… I still don’t like it!
Okay, so you didn’t expect that type of post from a quilting blog… sorry, but I really needed to get that out.
Today (I think) will be spent getting a quilt on the frame and start my quilting.  I wrote a mystery (quilt) for Sew Fest and I want to get my quilt quilted.  Here’s a picture of some from Sew Fest:
DSC_0331I wanted to show how the different fabrics can ‘alter’ the look of the quilt.  That’s me on the right with my green quilt.  You can see the bottom right corner is dark.  Each of the four corners of this quilt is dark.  Here’s the EQ mock up:
SF Mystery quiltI designed this in red, white and blue as it was a project for Sew Fest, but I did not want the ladies to feel they ‘needed’ to make it in those colors so when I wrote the ‘clues’ I indicated light, medium and dark.  I revealed the name of this quilt at Sew Fest – Four Corners.  I chose this as the members of Quilters for Comfort come from the four corners of the U. S.   There was quite a bit of conversation over all the flying geese units in this quilt… There were 160 flying geese units.  But as I explained to the ladies – I designed, then I started writing the clues and I was making this quilt along with them.  I had not premade this quilt….  Everyone was making this mystery quilt - some worked a little on their blocks, a couple finished their quilt top and then, as you can see, some just started their assembly.  This was the last day of Sew Fest and the other ladies had already packed up their supplies.  I’m hoping they will all send me pictures of their completed quilts.
So that’s it for today.  I’m hoping with all the extreme heat that seems to be enveloping the U.S, that everyone is drinking lots of fluids and able to stay as cool as possible….

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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

With me it's snakes - so I TOTALLY understand your fear of spiders!! Irrational? - YES - Does knowing that the fear is irrational help? - NOPE!! - ;))

LOVE your mystery quilt! Did you design the blocks yourself or are they standard EQ blocks? - ;))